Unmanned Aircraft Systems UAS (Drone)

  1. Service name and description
  • Issuance of approval to operate Drone in Oman Airspace
  • Service is requested by Government, companies and individual
  • Drone operator shall be 18 years old and above (Passport copy).


  1. Service stages brief description
  • Fill in AWR application form 033
  • Summit all documents required
  • Making sure that the request complies with PACA requirements.
  • Aware of Civil Aviation Low/Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR107)  and executive regulation
  • Paying the imposed fees prior to grant the approval.
  1. Service provider

Department of Flight Safety – Airworthiness Section

  1. Service related information
  • The average required time to provide the service depends on receiving complete application and receiving of no objection letters from ROP,NSA,RAFO and Ministry of information in case of filming production.
  1. Service required documents
  • Sponsor/contractor covering letter 
  • Company covering letter
  • Lease agreement  (If Drone is leased)
  • Radio station license (if applicable)
  • Radio equipment installation (if applicable)
  • Certificate of  Insurance
  • Operation Manual/Drone Specifications
  • Operational Site coordinates
  • Prove  Remote pilot; License/Training


  1. Service fees

Not approved yet refer to Airworthiness Section

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