Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO)

1. Service name and description

  • Issuance, renewal and extension of Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO)
  • Provide Line/base Maintenance for PACA registered aircrafts 

2. Service stages brief description

  • Making sure that the request complies with PACA requirements.
  • Review the application
  • Provisional Approval may be granted based on information given
  • Conduct PACA audit
  • Final approval is valid for 2 years

3. Service provider

    Department of Flight Safety – Airworthiness Section

4. Service related information

  • submitted 30 days prior to issuance /renewal/change
  • surveillance audit conducted within every 2 years

5. Service required documents

  • application form AWR 030
  • Local CAA approval
  • Foreign approval/s
  • Letter of intent from Local operator
  • A report / audit from Local operator
  • MOE

  6Service fees

  Not currently applicable



Refer to CAN- 1-06




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