Application for Registration of Aircraft

1. Service name and description

  • Registration of Aircraft for AOC holder

2. Service stages brief description

  •  Making sure that the request complies with PACA requirements.
  •  Refer to CAR45, 47, CAN1-3, 1-4, ANNEX 7, CAL CHAPTER 7, and OPM-P4-CHAPTER22.

3. Service provider

   Department of Flight Safety – Airworthiness section

4. Service related information

  • The average required time to provide the service depends on assigned date by AOC holder for Aircraft delivery
  • Duty travel cost for Aircraft delivery is born by applicant
  • Make sure the Registration Mark is reserved
  • Make sure the ELT and Mode S is designated


5. Service required documents

  • Letter from the AOC holder.
  •  DGCAR forms AWR/010,020,027 &015)
  •  Bill of Sale/Lease agreement to be submitted at TOT


  6Service fees

  • Refer to CAN 1-06

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