Aircraft Maintenance License (AML)

1. Service name and description
  • Issuance, renewal and extension of aircraft engineers licenses.
  • Service is requested by airline companies for aircraft engineers to practice the profession according to specific requirements.

2. Service stages brief description
  •  Making sure that the request complies with PACA requirements.
  • Conducting Legislation exam (covers CAL,CAR,CAN).
  •  Applicant may be required to do an oral examination if the DGCAR finds it necessary.
  • Applicant may Set for modules exam in case of lacking to few of them.
  • Paying the imposed fees prior to exam.

3. Service provider

    Directorate of Flight Safety – Airworthiness Department

4. Service related information

  • The average required time to provide the service depends on receiving of foreign license verification sent officially by DGCAR.
  • Resit exam after one month, in case of three exams failure should sit for exam after 6 months pass mark : 80%.


5. Service required documents

  • Letter from the employer.
  • Authenticated recent medical certificate.
  • A copy of foreign AME license. 
  • Attain at least 21 years.
  • Passport copy.
  • Service application form. (Form AML 82-4) or  (Form AML 82-5).
  • 2x current photographs blue background.

  6Service fees



35 Omani Rials


170 Omani Rials    

7. Service request conditions
  • Application should comply with (CAR 66 in terms of specific syllabus, hours and duration) and (CAR 147 in terms of approved training organization) requirements.
  • Two years practical training gathered in bulk experience sheets and covered ATA Chapters in Line/base AMO and attested by them.

8. Complains and grievance

     Visit flight safety directorate during working hours in the event of non-issuance of the license.


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