Directorate of Strategic Planning

The Directorate of Strategic Planning is responsible for:
  • Developing, maintaining, leading and monitoring the overall PACA strategic plan, in particular prepare the 5 year strategic plan and the yearly business plan
  • Formulating strategic recommendations and prioritizing in response to changes in the aviation sector environment
  • Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets for PACA services and monitoring performances
  • Defining an external communication strategy
  • Managing internal communications
  • Managing PACA‘s corporate branding and identity
  • Managing external communications, press, events, campaigns, media and the PACA website
  • Overseeing Change Management Office activities

Change Management Office

The Change Management Office is responsible for:
  • Managing PACA transformation program and associated initiatives
  • Coordinating with Strategic Planning function and ensure transformation program meets its strategic objectives
  • Monitoring the master timeline for initiatives implementation
  • Estimating and monitoring the costs and human resource requirements of the initiatives
  • Resolving escalated issues

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department is responsible for
  • Preparing IT standards, policies and procedures
  • Developing the IT strategy of PACA
  • Preparing the annual IT budget and IT capital investment plan
  • Providing IT services to support the organization
  • Managing PACA‘s IT infrastructure and IT applications
  • Managing and approving the development of specific software, systems or applications for PACA
  • Reviewing and approving overall PACA IT needs, collecting inputs and requests from all departments
  • Managing PACA‘s network and internal communication systems
  • Approving cost/benefit analysis of IT infrastructure and applications to be purchased
  • Approving the submission of purchase requests to Procurement for supplier selection, negotiation and order fulfillment
  • Coordinating with other directors for their IT requirements

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